Are You Happy? – Arashi’s Happy Shots

(Taken from Are You Happy? Arashi Live Tour 2016 – 2017 Pamphlet)

Kazunari’s Happy Shot


What’s ‘happy’ to you?

Well, it’s Arashi isn’t it? The association with ‘happy’, that (Arashi) must be it. Well, I mean for these 4-5 years, I’ve only been drinking or gaming after I get home. So isn’t working the happiest time (for me)? It’s happiness isn’t it! And for that, what cannot be missing is the people of Arashi. That’s why, I wanted to submit the photos of Arashi. But, I don’t really take photographs. To forcibly take photos for the sake of the concert pamphlet… I think I don’t really like that. By nature, I’m not one who like to take photographs. I don’t really have special / particular thoughts for things such as ‘this photo’ or ‘this view’ etc. I don’t take photos unless at that time I have strong thoughts of ‘I want to take this photo’ or at that place there’s an exceedingly good atmosphere. For me, I don’t take photographs because I want to take really cool shots or very pretty shots. Even if the shots are blurred or out of focus, it’s more about ‘I have taken shot of that’. If that’s not a happy thing, I won’t take it. That’s why I don’t have many photos. I don’t take photographs if I’m not exceedingly happy or exceedingly high in spirits, hence it’s these three photos.

  1. This is a gift I received from Jun when I received the Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Male Actor this year. It’s alcohol. He even handed it to me face to face. I’m happy (for that).
  2. Isn’t this amazing? How did he sleep? Such a hideous bed hair. I often take photos of leader (Ohno) because he’s interesting. I wanted to submit a photo of the 5 of us, but I don’t have photos of just the 5 of us. If it’s not for memorial / keepsake, we don’t take them.
  3. This is a photo taken for Fan Club Newsletter. What’s the reason for choosing it? Well, I chose this photograph because we won’t be able to see this anymore. The National Olympic Stadium (Kokuritsu Kyogijo) is gone (demolished). This is about everything isn’t it? Now that it’s gone, isn’t it happy to have this photo? Just a little after it was gone, perhaps the significance didn’t kick in yet. This scene can no longer be seen in this lifetime already! That’s the reason (for choosing the photo).

Jun’s Happy Shot


What’s ‘happy’ to you?

‘Happy’ is about how one thinks isn’t it? A barometer that expresses myself… It’s today so I feel happy but tomorrow I don’t feel happy – those feelings really depend on the situations at that time. Depending on the situation, the way we feel and think might be different isn’t it? The definition of what’s ‘happy’ changes with ‘what’s the state right now?’. I don’t think ‘happy’ is ‘I’m happy if I do this’ or ‘happiness is that’. Things like that… I don’t think is it.

  1. This was at the rehearsal for ‘ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii’. On the first day, we took the cruiser and took photos at the straight road. After that, when we entered the venue for rehearsal, it was just nice around sunset. Quickly I went up to the stage to check out how the sunset looks like from there and took this photo. As the stage lighting team conduct testing and set up, there’s a beautiful sight of the sea beyond it. The angle of the photo is half baked but it’s fine. This is a photo which has both my favourite ‘Hawaii’ and ‘concert’.
  2. This is a cold tomato capellini that I made. Basil is stylish isn’t it? I love tomato cold pasta. I ate it at many shops and which is the one I like? And so this is it (the one in photo). I like pasta since a long time ago. Out of all, I like capellini the best and my friends like it too. When we gather for birthdays and such, I do cook it. As such is a stylish side of me which I’ll love to share with others (lol).
  3. The one on the right behind is a pine tree (matsu). Can you see it? This pine tree was the one I worked on for one of the Fan Club Newsletters. The two infront are cherry blossom trees. The one on the right is what I bought on Sakurai Ariyoshi THE Yakai. When I bought one, the other was given out of kindness. I bought them when it was in full bloom, so the best time to view the flowers was only for that short while. Now, they’re bare. That’s why I’m looking forward to next year’s spring. Everyday’s watering has become a routine. After all, regarding bonsai there’s a sense of romance. The growth from day to day is not that obvious to the naked eye, and from time to time there are insects that comes out of it. Having the sense that ‘it is living’ is great.
  4. Isn’t this awesome? This is the wall at a friend’s place. I have a tendency to doodle on walls of my friends’ homes. This what I wrote when I was drinking and having fun. It was done in 2014. It was a long time since I went to my friend’s place and when I went there recently, I saw it. ‘Oh, this is my scribble!’ and recalled about it. ‘Are you happy?’ is what I wrote down. ‘Wow, it’s such a coincidence!’ is what I thought and so I took a photo of it. March 2014, I was in the midst of shooting for Shitsuren Chocolatier. I must have been tired. ‘Was I having fun?’ was something I asked myself and I answered it with ‘Yes!!!’ (lol).

Satoshi’s Happy Shot


What’s ‘happy’ to you?

What’s happiness? I feel happy with the little things that happen in the midst of busyness. Things like ending work early (lol). Hmm but recently, I’ve been going frequently to the supermarket. My happiness is supermarket. ‘I like it so much?!’ – it’s so unexpected that it surprised even myself. Somewhat it’s a new discovery. It’s fun to cook in my own style. It was a first to feel that it’s fun to cook. But it’s not because I cook it for someone or things like that. Eventually, it’s to satisfy myself. When I go to the supermarket, I see that there’s octopus and think how can I make that octopus delicious – such is the fun that I get. This recent discovery made me find an interesting part about myself. This is what I mean by the little happiness. I was really cooking all the time during the filming of the movie Shinobi no Kuni. It helps to relive stress. Maybe it’s because I like to create things? I also finely chop up things. I can do that forever (lol).

  1. This is what I got from the location filming for Arashi Tsubo. This is the first time I see a five-leaf clover. I have never picked clover before, so when I first found them, I was really happy. Because it’s the first time I found them, I brought them back happily. I put them in a transparent case. Hmm… isn’t it cute? I meant me (lol)
  2. Yesterday was the last day of filming for Shinobi no Kuni. This is the flower I received at that time. Isn’t it gorgeous? It is coordinated with the Japanese style kind of colours, and I thought it’s really pretty. For memory’s keepsake, I took a photo. It’s a happy photo of ‘the filming’s done!’ (lol).
  3. This is a tuna carpaccio I made myself. The quantity of tuna is extravagant! I bought it from the supermarket, cut it up myself and stack them on the dish. I ate this all by myself. It was delicious. I really have been going to the supermarket a lot during the movie filming period. Somehow, going to the supermarket relieves stress. After that, I go home to cook on my own, eat and then sleep (lol).
  4. This is scallop ajillo (Spanish word; means cooked in garlic). Stylish? Yup, it is indeed stylish. This is super easy. For cooking, I search on mobile (for recipe) and cook it. During this time, my parent put some scallops in my fridge. What can I do with scallops? After searching, I decided on ajillo. ‘It can be so nicely done?!’ and ‘Ajillo is so easy’ is what I thought. This was super delicious.

Masaki’s Happy Shot


What’s ‘happy’ to you?

When do I feel happy? I think it’s when I’m healthy. When one is not healthy, there’ll be times when it’s unhappy isn’t it? When one gets flu or injured, sometimes don’t people think about ‘Is this something that has no cure…’? That’s why when one gets recovered it’s happy – ‘Yes, I recovered!’ or ‘It’s great…’. That kind of things, I have it often. But I’m not the type to think ‘I’m not going to recover in this lifetime. It’s going to stay like this.’ (lol). But when I recover from it, ‘Yay!’ is my kind of reaction. It’s good that we don’t bring inconvenience to others isn’t it? I got everything resolved (lol). That’s why I think the way we feel happiness is dependent on the circumstances. The happiness we can see with the naked eye aren’t that many isn’t it? No matter, how about discovering the little happiness in everyday life? Such as eating delicious food and having recovered from injuries (lol).

  1. This is a photo taken when I went to Koshien (national high school baseball tournaments) last year. I didn’t manage to go this year. I always go to watch Koshien. It’s without a doubt that Koshien gets my spirits up, or maybe you could say it makes me happy. Hmm well yes, it definitely makes me happy. When a team’s condition gets crumbled, it can recover with one round. That intense ups and downs and drama in the game, makes me want to support it. That’s why I like it. That one moment of sparkle in the 10s, also happens at the games. Watching that is really interesting. I like to watch Koshien, and I also like the atmosphere there. Things like the Koshien curry is delicious too. All these put together, is my kind of ‘happy’.
  2. I have been to Ise Grand Shrine twice. First time was for drama ‘Yokoso, wa ga ie e’. I went with the producer and director. The second time was after the drama is finished, to return the favour and to report that the drama has rolled up with successfully. This photo is taken on the second trip. After that I didn’t go but I think I would want to go again. There’s was a great atmosphere there. The first time we went it was really very early in the morning, and there wasn’t any one around. It was a sacred kind of atmosphere. The second time was in the afternoon, close to evening time I think. That’s why there were many people and full of liveliness. Both sides to it was great.
  3. It’s Arashi! This was a selfie taken with my mobile phone (lol). Hawaii’s Blast, so that’s in 2014. It was when we were on board the cruiser. After changing into those clothes, I pointed the camera towards us abruptly and everyone got into it (lol). Everyone’s skillful (to get this selfie). This angle fits everyone nicely into the frame, it’s great isn’t it?

Sho’s Happy Shot


What’s ‘happy’ to you?

I think there are many different times that one feels happy. When I chose this photo, it was in the midst of the hard schedule during Rio Olympics. Still, covering the Rio Olympics was fun. Well, that’s because to me happiness is being able to go to many places to meet different kinds of people. If I were to work in a normal company, I won’t suddenly go to places like Oita. Basically the opportunity to cover the news at Rio would also not be possible. Definitely not riding the helicopter at Hawaii too. The extraordinary of many people is the ordinary. I think being able to do such a job is happiness to me.

  1. This is taken in between the breaks of the news coverage at Rio. There was a lot of movement to places to places, and this was really taken in such a short span of time. By holding the file in my hand, don’t I look like a reporter? (lol) I was there for only 3 days but it was a very fruitful time. Starting from Beijing and including the winter Olympics, this is my fifth big event. I am able to add to such a photo to the collection every 2 years. Certainly during this ‘I’m happy’ time, there’s much busyness at the location. Being able to do such media coverage makes me feel happy.
  2. It’s super delicious isn’t it? ‘What’s this?’ you may ask… Recently I went to Oita. Yes, during my private time (lol). I have a junior who’s at Oita and kept saying to me ‘Sho-san, please come!’. With that, I went to Oita for half a day. I had some free time and thought ‘I should go!’. At that time, we went to a restaurant that does chicken dishes. This was taken there. Oita was really good. That’s because when I’m in Tokyo, I’ll just take my meal nearby, go back at night, the next day wake up around afternoon, and this routine doesn’t change… When I went Oita, took a meal, and went to Yufuin. Woke up early and went for bath… it was fun.
  3. I searched for photos which we (arashi) took in private. Surprisingly, there wasn’t photos of the 5 of us. That’s because out of the 5, one of them is me (implying that he’s the photographer). There really aren’t many. But this, was taken by Matsujun. I didn’t take this photo, but it’s fine right? It was during ‘ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii’, so it’s September 2014. It was the rehearsal for the opening’s helicopter entrance. The lighting is good isn’t it? It was only the 5 of us and the operating pilot (in that space) – a super private photograph.
Are You Happy? – Arashi’s Happy Shots

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