Cain and Abel (2016)


Japanese title: カインとアベル (Cain to Abel)
English title: Cain and Abel
Year: 2016
No. of episodes: 10
Cast: Yamada Ryosuke, Kiritani Kenta, Kurashina Kana
Theme song: Give Me Love by Hey! Say! JUMP

Takada Yu (Yamada Ryosuke) is an employee at his father’s real estate development company. Yu’s father has always considered his elder brother, Takada Ryuichi (Kiritani Kenta), as the apple of his eye, while he does not pin any hopes on Yu. Yu craves for his father’s love, and desires for his recognition. One day, Yu meets Yahagi Azusa (Kurashina Kana). Despite having a bad first encounter, Yu gradually develop romantic feelings due to an expected turn of events. However, the irony is that the lady is his brother’s fiancée. Through this complicated web of relationships and the conflicts within the family, Yu begins to develop as a person, in becoming a stronger individual.

This television drama is loosely based on (or rather, inspired by) the Old Testament story between Cain and Abel. Although it is supposed to be a romance drama, the ‘romance’ element of it is quite underplayed. I felt that there was a little bit more focus on the kinship, which gave a nice touch to the drama.

Yamada’s acting was also quite tested in this series. He swung from the nonchalant and carefree little brother to a dangerously ambitious person. There was quite an impressionable scene where his second personality just clicked in within seconds. He really grew along with the character and demonstrated maturity in his acting.

Overall, I also liked the suspense, twists of events and the build up. The story development was so exciting that I watched almost all episodes on the same day as Japan broadcast. My only complaint is probably on the last episode. I felt that Yu’s change was too drastic – he suddenly went too mild. The vigor and ambition he once had suddenly vaporized. Not to mention, that cliched ending… Nonetheless, I didn’t regret watching this at all!


  • Hira Mikijiro, who played the role of Yu’s grandfather, suddenly died on 22 Oct 2016. As a result, his role was taken over by Terao Akira from episode 4. 
  • It is Yamada’s first romance television drama 😉

(4/5) Underwhelming last episode, but everything else was good.

Cain and Abel (2016)

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