Umi no Koe

Song title: 海の声 (umi no koe) – transalates to ‘the voice of the sea’
Singer: Kiritani Kenta (as Urashima Taro)
Year of release: 2015

The song in focus today is an original CM (Commercial Message, aka advertisement) song of au‘s foldable smartphone in Japan.

Here are 5 big reasons why this song is chosen:

  1. The popularity of this song is immense. It sold over a million copies since its December release (first heard on CMs in July 2015). It even became JOYSOUND (karaoke chain in Japan) BEST KARAOKE OF THE YEAR 2016.
  2. The shamisen (Japanese instrument) in the song is played by Kiritani Kenta. He’s not a singer or instrumentalist by profession, but is often praised for his singing when he goes karaoke with his friends.
  3. Interestingly, the lyrics of the song is also not written by a professional lyricist. The lyrics is written by Dentsu’s planner for the au series, Shinohara Makoto, and is about the feelings of longingness from Ura-chan to Oto-chan. The music is written by BEGIN‘s (a band that does Okinawan music) Shimabukuro Masaru.
  4. It is officially covered 5 times, including 2 English covers by Matt Cab and ISLAND BAG respectively.
  5. The song was recently sung at the biggest year end programme in Japan, Kohaku Uta Gassen. It was such a moving performance! You can watch it from the video below.
Umi no Koe

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