5 Japanese Instagrammers I follow

For the #BreakoutWednesday series, the content’s focus is on things fun and light-hearted. So for the first, I thought of introducing these 5 Japanese Instagram users I follow! 🙂

1. atsushi.k.photography
An architect by profession. A contributor to Tokyo Camera Club. This is his official facebook page.

2. Ninagawa Mika
A photographer and film director. She is known for her signature brightly colored photographs of flowers, goldfish etc. Her Instagram has a log of her works, as well as her beloved son.

3. watanabeby
A photographer based in Kobe, Japan. Very surreal shots.

4. yamashitaphoto
Michael Yamashita is a National Geographic Photographer. I love the way he captures culture – both landscape and people – in his shots and how he pens the stories behind the photos.

5. tokomo

A designer, illustrator based in Tokyo who doodles on Starbucks cup and paper!

Bonus feature: mo_om921 (Fuuko)
This Instagram user recently received a trophy for ‘livedoor blog of the year’! Anyway, she goes to scenes which are the motifs of anime or manga (sometimes TV drama too). Chanced upon her because of #5centimeterspersecond


5 Japanese Instagrammers I follow

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