Arashi Otsukare-sama Messages

(Taken from February 2017 Monthly TV Guide)

Sho >> Satoshi

Every year there’s this impression that Sho is busy, but this year he seems to be moving around a lot. I think that’s great. But I’ve heard him say if he’s got rest days, he doesn’t know what to do. So maybe it’s still better for him to be moving around. Sho’s “Cliff Climbing” on VS Arashi was very funny. Every time he challenges it, he shows another “Cliff Climbing”. We break into laughter all the time. It’s funny only because he does it with his all.

Satoshi >> Sho

Ohno has been filming all the time. Starting from spring, he did drama filming, then movie filming. I’m not sure if he’s filming the whole year, but he always look sleepy. Really thank him for his hard work. When I appeared on the last episode of “Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi”, I could really understand how Ohno is so well loved by the staff. I heard there’s lots of action for “Shinobi no Kuni”. There’s also a stage play adaption of it, but I’ve never really seen it being adapted into a movie before. I’m looking forward to the movie’s theatrical release.

Masaki >> Jun

There was drama in 2016, then the filming for a 2017 movie, and also Arena Tour. It was certainly a busy year. The one who thinks about the organization of the concert is also Matsujun. The 4 of us stand on stage, while Matsujun watches from the audience seats to watch and think over (on the fine tuning, adjustments). But he has never shown his tiredness in front of us, so sometimes I want to say to him “thank you for the hard work”.

Jun >> Masaki

“Gutto! Sports” is a variety which athletes appear on, hence there are many episodes filmed within a day isn’t it? That’s tough. Recently, we had an interview from the afternoon. When I went to the venue, Aiba was already on standby. So I asked if it’s about Kohaku Uta Gassen. He answered it was for “Gutto! Sports”. “What? So early in the morning?” I was shocked by it. Aiba would be really busy on busy on New Year’s Eve too. So please, at least for the beginning of 2017, I hope he rests well.

Satoshi >> Kazunari

Filming for drama and filming for movie. I’ve got the impression that he’s been always doing acting jobs. He also achieved the Japan Academy Award. For the concert this time, he’s doing dance and have been practicing quite a lot. He did tap dance for Arena Tour. It was refreshing to see him dance all the time. In 2016, Nino has frequently used his body for dance isn’t it?

Kazunari >> Satoshi

2016’s Ohno has been filming for drama and movie, it should’ve been tough. It’s good that both have successfully finished filming. When he was filming “Shinobi no Kuni” and if I happened be at the same place, I would go and show my face. He was full of spirit, above all else. He has worked hard this year. Please also eat the things you like!

Sho >> Jun

When Matsujun came on “Sakurai•Ariyishi THE Yakai” as guest, he bought a bonsai. I was happy to hear that he decorated with it. It was part of the variety program, but to really buy on the spot, both the staff and I were very happy. Other than that, about concert. Including those prepartory meetings that we don’t see, it must have been tough handling drama filming and the making of the Arena Tour. Once again, I think he’s great.

Kazunari >> Masaki

Aiba was always busy with his regular shows, for 2016 year end he’s also white team’s emcee for Kohaku Uta Gassen. Would really want him to put his best and succeed. 2016 we watched the same popular program (he’s probably talking about the Walking Dead here). Aiba is the only person I could talk to about it, so we spoke a lot. “Thank you for the hard work on Kohaku” is different for performer and emcee, I think others will also say that (to him). Anyhow, please do your best!

Masaki >> Kazunari

It was really incredible to win the Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor with “Haha to Kuraseba”. Just nice at that time, I was watching the award ceremony at home. Once the award was announced, I sent out “congratulations” right away. Next it’s Johnny’s Baseball Tournament. I was in the same team with Nino long time ago. Although I didn’t hear if he had played well or not, I was a little envious.

Arashi Otsukare-sama Messages

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