If you follow J-Pop / J-Entertainment rather closely, then you would know one of the big news released last week was that Ikimonogakari is going into a ‘Grazing Period’.

What this simply means is that after hitting the milestone of 10 Anniversary, the group has decided to go on an indefinite hiatus, so they may each be on their own – to try out things they like, to start new things, or even just to rest and daze out.

This came as quite a surprise to me. As much as I think it does happen to some groups / bands, but they were doing pretty well, even till last year. They were also invited to perform on Koukaku. However, as the 3 members have jointly released, they are doing this so they can grow and expand their future, and to continue their joint story enjoyable. Their home and base will always be Ikimonogakari. They hope to meet again

I hope this temporal goodbye won’t last too long! I’ll miss their songs.

Here’s Yell from Ikimonogakari, which I thought will be a fitting tribute.


Goodbye is not a sad word


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