Song title: 完全感覚Dreamer (Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer)
Year of release: 2010

One Ok Rock has just released their latest album, Ambitions! To be honest, I haven’t listened to all the songs yet, but I’m so very happy and excited for them!!

I fell in love with their music when I first heard 完全感覚Dreamer (Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer) years ago. Perhaps there’s a bias, because I already like this genre of music. But beyond that, I felt the band was one that wants to communicate a message, make a statement with the songs they make.

In recent years, their music continues to expand and reaches audiences beyond just Japan. They even started to do their songs in English (FYI, most of the lyrics are written by Taka!). Instead of just ‘translating’ their Japanese songs to English, there was much thought put into producing each song, and it just gets better and better. 

I’ve been to their live performance twice in Singapore, and I’ve enjoyed each one thoroughly. More fresh in my memory was the one held at Fort Canning in 2016. The venue’s good and they were rocking their music – nothing short of being ether!

Last but not least, just to demonstrate how versatile they’ve become with their music, check out their acoustic version of one of their latest songs, Taking Off!

These guys have come a long way to where they are today. I admire Taka’s confidence in leading and adore his love for the band! Please come again to Singapore soon!!!

I’m including this statement which Taka made during last year’s Nagisaen (Japan) live. It made me want to support them even more!

It’s the 9th year since we’ve made our major debut. The view before us right now, a day where we could fill up such a space… is something I did envision 9 years ago! A day which we could hold a stand-alone live, a spectacle where we could fill up a space like this – I had the confidence and conviction that it will happen right before our eyes as it has today!! 
(Translated from Japanese)

The lead vocalist of the band, Taka, used to be from Johnny’s. Till this day, I still a shadow of his training he received at Johnny’s, especially with regards to his Japanese MC parts. But the one above, was one that defies that typical  idol formula. Love Taka like that 🙂 )


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