Meaning: totally at a loss, lose one’s bearings, bewildered, exasperated
Example: これからどう会社を経営していったらいいのか、五里霧中だ。 (We’re at a loss as to how to manage our company from now on.)


First learned this vocabulary because of Arashi’s song! It was performed on Arafes’13 and is the coupling song of Arashi’s 12th Single released in 2004.

The song has a nice ring and I particularly like the lyrics. While the song title is 五里霧中, none of the lyrics actually mention that. Instead, it’s a positive message which encourages people to take the day easy, to get out of the state of total loss 🙂

Rainy Cloudy Fine Today
(Ima o omou zonbunn ikiru /
Live up to your heart’s content now)
Dizzy Crazy Vain Today
(Ashita wa ashita /
Tomorrow is tomorrow)

Rainy Cloudy Fine Today
(Kyou wa kyou de owatte shimau /
What’s in for today will end today)
Dizzy Crazy Vain Today
(Kono kurushimi mo sayounara /
Say goodbye to this suffering, hardship too)

It could be a rainy day yesterday, but that’s not going to last forever!
Let’s hope for bright and sunny days ahead!


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