Best of SG Laneway Festival 2017

As mentioned my earlier post, here’s my selection of the Top 3 at Singapore’s Laneway Festival this year 🙂

1. Aurora (Norway)

Preternaturally talented songwriter AURORA joins us from Bergen, Norway just out of her teens. Her fantastical, assured debut All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend is filled with euphoric pop moments that belie the introspective nature of her thoughtful lyrics. Live, AURORA is a force – it’s hard to take your eyes off her – and she has mesmerised TV audiences with performances on Jimmy Fallon, Conan and Colbert amongst others.

Charm Points: Her singing is just so mesmerizing. And I like that in her live performance, she accompanies every note she sings with a sleek move. She’s been writing songs since 6 and penning lyrics since 9; isn’t that simply amazing?! I wonder what I was doing when I was that young. The bright sounding voice pierces through the noise – that’s the biggest draw for me!

(Check out the Tiny Desk performance too! It is such a simple and humble set-up, but she rocked it nonetheless.)

2. Whitney (USA)

Chicago band Whitney comprises former members of buzzy psych-rockers Smith-Westerns and Laneway faves Unknown Mortal Orchestra and their medium is charming folk with lashings of soul. Debut Light Upon the Lake was anointed Best New Music by Pitchfork and no wonder – the album perfects the deceptively difficult task of making well-crafted, enjoyable rock songs look effortless. Lyrically, Whitney deal mostly in heartbreak but the toe-tapping vitality of the music itself invites endless joyful listens. In short, It’s the happiest sad music you ever did hear.

Charm Points: Whitney has a unique sound. I like how they stand out from the crowd. 1 – their lead vocal is on the drums (not common for band I would say!). 2 – Brass instrument is part of their band set-up 3 – Julien’s got a cute sense of humour and outstanding singing voice (I personally dig the live performance more than the recordings though!) 😉

3. Wednesday Campanella 水曜日のカンパネラ(Japan)

Somewhere in Japan’s coexistence of the idol sphere, the J-rock reality and the programmed beats enclave lies Wednesday Campanella. Consisting of Komuai, Kenmochi Hidefumi and Dir.F, the trio has rocketed towards popularity within four years. The enigmatic cocktail of house, techno and chill out music covers unexpected subjects like guided bus tours, vampires and Hokkaido food. Wednesday Campanella has shown their pretty darned memorable stuff at various music festivals: Summer Sonic 2015, Rising Sun Rock Festival 2015, Arabaki Rock Fest.15 and SXSW 2016. And soon, Laneway Festival will be part of the list.

Charm Points: They mean it when they wrote that Wednesday Campanella is known to create memorable stuff at music fest. They did it again at the Laneway Fest too! Love it that Komuai was so sporting. Their ‘moving stage’ and ‘hamster ball’ was simply fantastic. Their tunes are rather catchy too! A perfect example of psychedelic sight, sound and performance.

Best of SG Laneway Festival 2017

5 thoughts on “Best of SG Laneway Festival 2017

  1. Thanks for sharing this, really liking the musical selections you chose. I’m really loving that Aurora Tiny Desk video, those are always so great. What would you say is your favorite genre of music?


      1. I help run a site called and we’re an awesome community, if you ever want to join it and cross-share your work, you’re more than free to share it with our readers. Check us out:

        If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail,


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