Laneway Festival 2017

I went to the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival held in Singapore last weekend and it was an eye-opening experience! The Meadows at Gardens by the Bay is a great location to host such a music event. I loved the atmosphere created in that space, even though it was just a one-day only event. I must confess I didn’t know much about the lineup of artistes, but it was a great selection.

I’ll share the Top 3 Acts in my opinion in my next post! It’s the event’s 3rd year running in Singapore, and I must say kudos to the organisers for good logistics planning. Despite having people ‘going against the rules’, like smoking at the non-smoking places and littering, there was order and trash was cleared out efficiently.

As for the stages, I liked both the White Room and the split stage concept (the main stage was split to Bay Stage and Garden Stage). The White Room was an air-conditioned room with light effects that went well with the dance & hip-hop tracks. On the other hand, the main stage was near the entrance of the venue, and was well-equipped. On top of all these, there was also a Food Village and an Activity Space (sponsored by H&M) where you could get free henna tattoo and face paints. There was so much to do! The downpour dampened the overall mood a little, but it definitely didn’t kill the high spirits and good music. Overall, I really enjoyed myself very much for this event.

Since Laneway Festival is a rain or shine event, it also inspired me to write a #notetoself post so I can refer to it next time. I felt I was a little under-prepared (or rather, I didn’t prepare haha).

Here’s sharing the Top 10 Must-knows for a rain or shine outdoor music event!

1. Bring sun protection goods – hat, sunblock, sunglasses
Thanks to all the sun protection efforts, I only suffered sun burns for my forearms.

2. Bring an extra set of clothes
Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this. You’ll feel so eeky after the event (be it rain or shine), you’ll want to change into a fresh set of clothes.

3. Bring a poncho or raincoat
The organisers were actually very thoughtful to provide poncho. They’re life-saving.

4. Bring a picnic mat
There’s much space to just laze and roll around. Having a picnic mat makes it even more comfortable to do so.

5. Wear comfortable footwear
I cannot emphasize more how important this is. If you intend to stay long at the music festival, wearing comfortable, covered footwear will make sure your legs don’t ache pre-maturely. It’s even better if you’re prepared to throw them away, since they might get so wet it’s not worth keeping them.

6. Avoid bringing new things
Don’t commit the same mistake as I did, which was to bring a new bag for the festival. The rain got it soaked so thoroughly and I believe not many people would want their new bags wet and damped.

7. Avoid wearing black. Instead, wear light / bright colours
Sad to say, this was also another blunder I made. I wore back and totally regretted it because of the sun. Wearing light and bright colours also suit the festival mood better.

8. Try to go with at least one friend, or better, a group of friends
“The more the merrier.”, I can’t agree more! You’ll want to share these moments and experience with at least one person. It’s also helpful to take turns to buy food, go toilet and things like that. The enjoyment will only be doubled!

9. Be considerate
Considerate festival goers are well-liked. Everybody wants to have their own fun. Don’t spoil others’ fun by being un-nice!

10. Bring on the good vibes!
Let your hair down, bask in the mood and music. Don’t be pre-occupied with anything that will hinder you from a good experience.


Attending this event just reaffirms my love for live concerts and music festivals. I can’t wait for the next one already!!! Fuji Rock maybe? 🙂

Laneway Festival 2017

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