XIX (キスハグキス)


(They’re all boys!)

Song title: XXX
Singer: XOX (kiss hug kiss)
Year of release: 2015

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XIX (キスハグキス)

Pazudora (Puzzle x Dragon) Special Interview Featuring Arashi

In 2017, what do you want to power up?
A: I want to power up my skill on Pazudora.

: Recently Aiba has been playing Pazudora frequently but at his best, he gets a 3-combo.

: Stop it (laughs). If you play together with Nino you’ll understand. He’s really good at it.

: When we were having our live tour, he was always playing Pazudora while waiting.

: Once you start to notice, he’s playing Pazudora.
N: When I play it for an entire and say “Ok! It’s time to sleep!” I’ll see the afterimage of the Pazudora panel going round and round (laughs). Continue reading “Pazudora (Puzzle x Dragon) Special Interview Featuring Arashi”

Pazudora (Puzzle x Dragon) Special Interview Featuring Arashi


Song title: Tokyo Girls
Singer: Perfume
Year of release: 2017

If you talk about Japanese electropop and bubblegum pop, you should not miss out on Perfume. Perfume’s been in the market since 2000, and they’ve become quite established now. Undoubtedly in recent years, performing acts like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu did steal some limelight, but I feel Perfume still holds on to their uniqueness.

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Kuzu no Honkai: Special Cross-talk


(Translated from an interview uploaded on Manga UP!)
Sakurada Dori x Shimazaki Nobunaga

The concurrent broadcast of both the anime and real-life adaptation of the manga series Kuzu no Honkai, demonstrates a unique development (By Yokoyari Mengo on Monthly Big Gangan). To commemorate this broadcast, check out the talk between the actor and voice actor of Mugi (Mugi is the name of the lead male character in the series) regarding Kuzu no Honkai on Manga UP! Continue reading “Kuzu no Honkai: Special Cross-talk”

Kuzu no Honkai: Special Cross-talk