Crash Fever!!


Finally, it’s 花金FRIDAY! \o/ (Hanakin Friday)

To make sure you have something to do over this weekend, I’m introducing one of the games I’ve been playing frequently on mobile… CRASH FEVER!

This game is developed by a Japan-based company called Wonder Planet. Crash Fever was first rolled out in Japan in July 2015, and has so far garnered 4 million downloads. Last year, it has expanded the game to Taiwan and SEA regions.

The game play for this puzzle role-playing game is simple – you just have to tap and pop the line of jams to generate the attack on the opponent (computer). It has both solo and multi-player modes, which allow you to team up with up to 3 other players to complete quests. It also has prettily designed units (aka characters) and neat in-game interface. The game music also boosts up the overal game experience! Simply put, Crash Fever = Tsum Tsum gameplay + Jubeat music + Puzzle & Dragon co-op style.

One key reasons why this game has been retaining my attention is because it’s been a very hardworking game. Since the game in our region is released later than Japan, they stepped up efforts and increased the frequency in updates to bring our game up to speed. Something noteworthy, is that the localisation to English does not suck. Also, it constantly comes up with new promos and events to not let the game go stale! That’s how hardworking the game developer is with promoting the game in our region.

And today, there will be major release of brand new events to introduce the cross-promotional units! This was slightly unexpected, because there are so many Japanese games which provide only a substandard version of the game to non-Japan regions. Yet, the Hatsune Miku collaboration is really here!! ❤ Such great news and this further adds on to the variety of units available. Not to missed are the limited edition units, such as Harmonious Hatsune Miku and Evolved Voice Hatsune Miku V4X!

That’s all I have about the game. I’m not going to have a thorough game guide – I’m no gamefluencer after all! Nonetheless, I feel this game is really worth recommending! The low level normal quests are easy, but as you advance, the event quests will start to become more challenging! Download the app (available on both AppStore and Google Play) and start crashing now! 😀

Crash Fever!!

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