Osaka Kitchen

I was turned down once at the door because I didn’t make reservation beforehand. So I learned my lesson, made the reservation, and finally made the first visit to the humble restaurant at Wisma Atria!

I’ve always wanted to try Osaka Kitchen because I’ve been wanting to find an authentic Osaka Flavour. To my delight, Osaka Kitchen absolutely boast of it, and what impresses me above all is the service!

To relay a little of my own experience – I went there with a friend for dinner. We ordered two dishes, and they were portioned into two before we even asked! (So the pictures above are 1/2 portions.) I observed how they served other patrons and they also had very amiable interactions, with consistent service attitude and smile. The people there pays attention to you and reminds me of the service quality I experienced in Japan. What a treat 🙂

The food was tasty too. We ordered Garlic Shiso Fried Rice ($18++) and Mixed Okonomiyaki ($18++). The Garlic Shiso Fried Rice was fragrant and fried just right, while the Mixed Okonomiyaki left an impression too because of its charred, crispy outer. Years back, I loved to make Okonomiyaki at home, but I’ve never achieved that crispness before! To top it off, the chefs are ちょっとイケメン! I’ll leave it to you to find what’s the meaning of that 😛

Overall, it was a pretty darn good experience for me. Remember to make your reservation to avoid disappointment. Will be back for more soon!

(4/5) Delectable on both the tastebuds and the eyes. Why say no? 🙂

4F Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238877
(Shop is within Japan Food Town)

Opening hours
Tue-Sun: 5.00pm – 11.00pm
(Closed on Mondays)

+65 6262 3271
(Reservation is required.)

Osaka Kitchen

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