Radwimps –


Song title: Tummy
Singer: RADWIMPS (ラッドウインプス)
Year of release: 2013

Many people got to know RADWIMPS through the phenomenal success of the movie, Your Name. I did hear about them prior to the movie, but I must say the movie was what got me really interested.

What impressed me beyond just the movie was the soundtrack. The music is seamlessly weaved into the movie and left a lingering feeling. What I learned afterwards, was that all songs are written (both music and lyrics!!!) and produced by Noda Yojiro, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar of the band. Also the director of the Your Name, Makoto Shinkai, sang high praises of them for going back and forth to fit the animation to the music and vice versa. It’s such dedication and hard work which produces outstanding work.

As expected, I got hooked to Your Name OST (FYI, I watched the movie four times), and also started to listen to their other albums at random. It brought me to one of their earlier albums, Batsu To Maru To Tsumi To, which pretty much reminded me of ONE OK ROCK’s growth in their music too.

In particular this song, Tummy, has a very interesting set of lyrics. It sings from the standpoint of the father, who is singing to the unborn child in a mother’s ‘tummy’ 🙂 It’s very heartwarming and gives a very fuzzy feeling. Reading up more into RADWIMPS, it’s revealed that Noda puts in a considerable effort in the lyrics of the song. His lyrics are mostly based on events he experienced, or non-fictional events. As part of his practice, he also ‘constantly questions each phrase, asking if that was exactly what he wanted to say’. I guess that’s part of the reason why their music sounds so sincere and genuine 🙂

On Spotify, you can find their latest album Human Bloom!


This is a song written by Noda Yojiro, performed by both Taka (of ONE OK ROCK) and Noda Yojiro. Love it! ❤

Radwimps –

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