SEKAI NO OWARI – starlight parade


Song title: スターライトパレード (starlight parade)
Year of release: 2011

SEKAI NO OWARI literally means the end of the world. Although it’s a not so auspicious name, it actually carries an interesting meaning. This band name was given by Fukase, because there was a time he led life as though it’s the end of the world; but what remains is music and this group of friends. From that end, it springs forth a new beginning – and that’s SEKAI NO OWARI.

This is a really talented bunch! Nakajin, Fukase and Saori knew each other since middle school. In middle school, Nakajin and Fukase had a combi which covers Yuzu’s (a famous duo in Japan) songs. Saori later joined along with the first DJ Love and they started doing covers together from 2007. Later, the first DJ Love left the band in 2008 and their band also managed to confirm the label and management company upon the second (also current) DJ Love joined.

Nakajin, Fukase and Saori writes the music and lyrics of the songs they perform. They’ve developed their own style and sound which broke through the ‘norm’ in the Japan market. They have also gotten popular that they helmed the theme song of Attack on Titan movie.

They’ve come to Singapore at least twice for live, but I’ve never went to one yet. This may sound like a major big excuse, but I really haven’t gotten anyone who would want to accompany me to it 😦 hence the procrastination…

Nonetheless, I look forward to the next one! And I’ll make it a point to go.

Lastly, if you’re on Spotify, you can check out their 2016 album Hey Ho here! 🙂

SEKAI NO OWARI – starlight parade

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