Song title: Tokyo Girls
Singer: Perfume
Year of release: 2017

If you talk about Japanese electropop and bubblegum pop, you should not miss out on Perfume. Perfume’s been in the market since 2000, and they’ve become quite established now. Undoubtedly in recent years, performing acts like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu did steal some limelight, but I feel Perfume still holds on to their uniqueness.

I love how their voices match so well, and how the highly synchronized dances go with the tunes. And of course, having them perform in those heels has become iconic too. Recently, I’ve been following the drama series Tokyo Tarareba Musume and Tokyo Girls was the ending song. I already liked it on the first time hearing it!

Not only is the song catchy, I felt the song was an almost perfect fit with the drama series. The drama is about 3 women who came to Tokyo with lots of the hope to fulfil their dreams and yearnings for love, but get hurt and lost in the wandering. The song describes the city bright lights, its charms and talks doing one’s best to achieve her dreams, seemingly echoing the themes of the drama.

Watch also, this special Valentine’s day performance version (full dance). Check out the beautiful Tokyo cityscape in the backdrop (the city that mesmerizes me every time), including Tokyo Tower (in Valentine’s Day special lighting) and the pretty Rainbow Bridge ❤

Bonus: Enjoy this collaboration Perfume with Arashi on Himitsu no Arashi-chan (22 July 2010 episode; programme now defunct)!! 🙂


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