XIX (キスハグキス)


(They’re all boys!)

Song title: XXX
Singer: XOX (kiss hug kiss)
Year of release: 2015

This group recently got onto my radar because they’re obviously rocking one genre very much… it’s the Genderless Kei (i.e. genderless style).

They made their major debut in 2015 with the song, 『XXX』. Unlike many other groups which are scouted from idol auditions or music competitions, three out of 5 of them are actually 読者モデル (dokusha moderu; fashion model for magazines). Tanaka Riku and Kizu Tsubasa were later recruited through Boys Grand Prix 2014 by fashion label WEGO.

As you can already tell, their group has a special skew towards fashion. In fact in their debut song 『XXX』, the five of them actually rocked 100 sets of clothes in the music video! Defintely a new generation of group that appeals to young Japanese who are into the 細マッチョ (macho & lean) and 癒し系男子 (soothing, relaxing boys).

Back to Toman, here’s how pretty he is:


A post shared by とまん TOMAN (@_sweatm) on

I don’t quite dig their style, in terms of both the genre and type of image they have. But I’m sure they are slowly gaining popularity in the mainstream music scene in Japan! They’re even having their own tour at Osaka, Nagoya and Sendai in the coming months. Touting themselves as the 和製ティーンエイジ・ポップスBOYSグループ (made in Japan teenage pop group), only time will tell if this trend will last or not.

XIX (キスハグキス)

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