Song title: LIFE (original by YUI)
Singer: Goosehouse
Year of release: 2012

I chanced upon this group a few years ago when I was listening to YUI’s album SHE LOVES YOU (it’s a tribute album different artistes covering YUI’s songs, produced by YUI). When I first heard their cover of LIFE, I thought it sounded really catchy and fun. So the next thing I did was to search them on Youtube. So that’s when I got hooked to watching their videos!

Goosehouse is such a talented bunch. I love how they look like they’re enjoying and having fun when making music. The harmony in their voices is also big plus! Other than their unique take on the songs they cover, they’ve also recorded and released originals. To date, they already got 58 songs on the list. What an incredible feat!

Having started in 2011 and releasing through an independent label, they have progressed since and are now signed to gr8! records, which is the sub-label (with focus on rock genre) of Sony Records. This sets them up to be on the same stage as artistes such as UVERworld, the GazettE and YUI, who are currently signed under the same label.

Although I don’t follow them as closely as I did when I first heard them, I’m still quite impressed with them. Recently when I watched one of their more recent covers on Youtube, I was quite surprised that they remained so humble despite their achievements! The songs they produce are still so full of sincerity, love and genuineness. I feel they deserve a lot more attention than they already have.

Hope their songs help to chase away a little of the Monday blues! 🙂

[This is the opening theme song for anime series, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ]




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