noun, adjective
Meaning: forward looking, positive, proactive
Example: その件につきましては、前向きに検討させていただきます。(We will constructively consider regarding this matter.)

前向き (maemuki) literally means forward facing. Interestingly, the antonym is 後向き (ushiromuki) – that literally means facing the back!

Mae-muki is commonly used to mean being proactive, constructive and positive. However in the comic, it’s highlighting how sometimes a seemingly positive remark is accompanied by negative actions. Basically, it’s a satire take on their culture.

In my own journey of learning Japanese, the culture context is often something which is hard to learn. But it’s also because of these things which continually fascinates me and makes me want to know more 🙂 While there are many exceptions to the Japanese langauge, the rules get confusing and frustrating even, I hope you find your own enjoyments in it.

Don’t give up! 😀


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