Manga Kara Manabou! – Isshukan Friends

Title: 一週間フレンズ (Isshukan Friends – One Week Friends)
Written by: Hazuki Matcha
No. of manga volumes: 7
Manga run: 2012 – 2015
Adaptation: Anime, Movie


花が見える Hana ga mieru  (Looks like flower) – from vol.3

ファイル 2017-03-12 18 01 58 EN 2.png
Hase Yuki: いつもお弁当ありがとう Itsumo obento arigatou (Thanks for the bento every time)
Fujimiya Kaori: いえいえ Ie ie (Not at all)
H: あっ今日の(お弁当)ハンバーグ入ってる!A kyou no (obento) hanbaagu haitteru! (Ah, there’s burger patty in the bento today!)
F: 今日は早起きできたから、がんばってみたの Kyou wa hayaoki dekitakara, ganbattemitano (I was able to wake up early today, so I gave it a try)
H: これ すごくおいしい!Kore sugoku oishii! (This is really delicious!)
F: よかった Yokatta (that’s great!)
Kiryu Shogo: なにこのほわほわした感じ Nani kono howa howa shita
kanji (What’s with this warm and snuggly atmosphere…)

ハンバーグ (hanbaagu): Katakana of hamburger. Usually refers to just the patty while バーガー (baagaa) refers to the burger with bun. (Don’t ask me why…)
ほわほわ (howa howa): similar to fuwa fuwa and honwaka. To mean warm, snuggly and fluffy.
早起き (hayaoki): Early rising. A compound word of 早い (hayai; fast, early) and 起きる (okiru; to wake up)


It doesn’t take a genius to guess that I got interested in this manga series because of Yamazaki Kento. He plays the role of Hase Yuki (male lead) in the live-action movie! I was quite surprised that this is a four-panel manga. Somehow I had the impression that a four-panel manga can be a little restrictive, but it has proved me wrong. I’m actually enjoying the manga and the story is not compromised in any way.

ファイル 2017-03-12 18 02 29.jpeg

The manga series is also adapted into an anime series. Although the story is a lot more condensed as compared to the manga series, it’s entertaining and worth a watch!

Last but not least, I hope the movie gets screened in Singapore! *cross fingers*

Manga Kara Manabou! – Isshukan Friends

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