Toma’s Room Vol. 703


2/3 vol. 703

“Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi”
Out with the demon, in with fortune
(FYI, it’s a recital chanted on Setsubun during the bean scattering ceremony in Japan)

For that reason

I’ve done it

I’ve stuffed it in my mouth

(FYI, a sushi roll consisting of 7 lucky ingredients eaten on Setsubun)

I stuffed it in at one go in the north-north-west direction
(FYI, it’s said that you’ll have good things come your way if you eat the Ehomaki in the ‘favourable direction’ during Setsubun)

But, I can’t be not talking while eating that thick roll of sushi right?

Actually it was not entirely impossible.

Seems that the wish can be accomplished with your own strength.

Toma’s Room Vol. 703

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