Toma’s Room Vol. 708


2/20 vol. 708

Did you watch yesterday’s Oshare Izumu?

I’ve gotten reactions from different people.


I watched it with Yudai*.

They were really anxious for the real thing.

It made me anxious too.

I laughed helplessly (or foolishly).

In any case,

Thanks for watching.

Thank you, thank you.

*Tatsumi Yudai from Johnny’s Jr unit, For You (ふぉ~ゆ~).

There’s so much to say because he put up a dance performance with For You. He played the senpai role and wanted to put them in focus because they’ve been struggling in the ‘shadows’ quite a bit. Toma was so bashful when performing the dance! 🙂

Toma’s Room Vol. 708

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