Toma’s Room Vol. 710


3/5 vol. 710

Although they are still seriously knitting,
(A word play on his movie – Karera ga honki de amu toki wa – lit. meaning when they seriously knit)

The special report for the new movie Sensei! has been released!

All of you may have already noticed, as you can see, I filmed many movies last year.

(lit. means teacher)
Wait for October!

Before that, Karera ga honki de amu toki wa, enjoy it thoroughly!

(Taken from the official movie website)
~ Comment from Ikuta Toma (role of Itou Kousaku)~

I play the role of a world history teacher, Itou Kousaku in the movie “Teacher!”.
It’s the second time working on a film by director Miki, since “We were there” (Bokura ga ita).
It’s been a while since I’ve been called to work on the royal road of love story.
Within director Miki’s depiction of that shining moment during youth, the dazzling and glistering world view, I want to do my best to play that of an adult man in this movie.
I’ve also previously worked with the scriptwriter, Okada Mari-san.
Okada-san writes with delicateness and warms the heart with numerous words, which carefully breathes life into the script.
It’s the first time co-acting with Hirose Shizu.
Regarding movie and acting, Hirose-san has been very sincere. To be able to work together with her, I’m really looking for it.
Ikuta is doing love movie in a long while.
Beyond ‘kyun-kyun’, this movie will make you go ‘gyun-gyun’
(FYI, ‘kyun-kyun’ usually refers to when your skip beat, or when you experience a bittersweet moment, a tingling feeling, a heart wrenching moment. ‘gyun-gyun’ is actually not a common expression – but I guess he’s just saying that the intensity is even greater than the typical 胸キュンmune-kyun)
Everyone, please feel free to watch the finished work.


Super looking forward to it!

Toma’s Room Vol. 710

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