Toma’s Room Vol. 712


3/11 vol. 712

Today is March 11.

What I can do is not much, but even so, I would want become an encouragement, somehow.

I always thought of that.

From today, a new year begins.

For the people in Tohoku
I too, am putting in my best.
Let’s do our best together.

Even as night falls, don’t catch a cold.

It’s been 6 years since the great earthquake in Tohoku.
There are still people who can’t go back to their homes, there are still people who struggle to live.
Even so, I want to say how Japan approaches this is exemplary.
I too, hope that someday, somehow, everyone will be able to smile again 🙂

P.S.: Anyway, this is not a #backnumber because it’s the latest entry from Toma! Woohoo \o/

Toma’s Room Vol. 712

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