Yamashita Tatsuro

Song title: Christmas Eve
Singer: Yamashita Tatsuro
Year of release: 2014 (first released in 1983)

The first time I heard Yamashita Tatsuro is probably in Hidamari no Kanojo (陽だまりの彼女). As some of you might know, this is a movie starring Ueno Juri and Matsumoto Jun in 2014. It has a very nostalgic feel to the music, and fits the movie perfectly.

After that, it was Aiba’s movie which once again brought my attention to Yamashita Tatsuro’s song. This time, it’s Christmas Eve, which was a song that was released back in 1984. The song was known for decades, and is supposedly the song for Christmas in Japan.

Yamashita-san is truly a very well respected musician in Japan. His early works were influenced by America popular rock (of that time) and has developed since to have a very unique sound that he owns. That’s why I was quite psyched when I knew there was a collaboration between him and Arashi! 🙂

Indeed Fukkatsu Love is a kind of song that Arashi don’t usually sing. Moreover, the lyricist of the song is none other than, Takeuchi Mariya, wife of Yamashita Tatsuro. She’s also a singer / songwriter held with high esteem in Japan. If you ask me, it’s really a golden combi! 🙂

Hope you enjoy his tunes as much as I did!

Yamashita Tatsuro

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