Otonoha Vol. 160


Vol.160 Curry Soba


It’s me.

A few days ago, I went to Fukushima to do the relay broadcast of the news coverage.
(FYI, this is the special interview, post 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake.)

Because I’ve been there several times over the years, I’ve become acquaintance with the people at town hall.

Town hall person,
“We’re also counting on you this year!
Did you sneeze last night?”

Sho Sakurai
“Eh? Did you sing Arashi’s songs at karaoke again?”
(FYI, why Sho was asked that question is possibly because a sneeze (without an obvious cause) is generally perceived as a sign that someone was talking about the person at that moment. Yeah, a silly Asian superstition haha.)

It starts from conversations like this every year.

On the day of the report.

Town hall person,
“Even so this year, let’s go for curry soba!”

So we had such a conversation.

After the live broadcast ended, we, including the staff involved, went for drinks.

Town hall person
“Iya (in this context, it’s an expression of relief), we’ve finally come to where we are at now.”

We had conversations like this.

While drinking, we talked about many things.

We also chatted about that day, 6 years ago.

It was talks about heroic, narrow escapes from death.
(Love the expression used here 「九死に一生を得る」– it literally means earning one life in nine deaths; to express a narrow escape from death. Think it fittingly describes the seriously dire situation faced back then.)

Till now, we’ve met several times and talked about many things. But this time, we talked over drinks after work.

From the way they normally act, it’s impossible to know about the difficult experience they went through. Even though we’ve met many times, it’s the first time I heard about them.

I felt my eyes turning a little red.
(Basically he means that he got emotional / overwhelmed by emotions.)

As such was a day which I felt our distance was pulled closer, and I came to realize the things I was able to hear for the first time.
(The word used here is also very appropriate – it’s 痛感 which means feel strongly, keenly. Its synonym is 実感, but the former is used more to convey the feelings felt towards a negative experience.)

Well then.

In terms of recent events, I went to the onsen with my family.

It’s about 5 years since I went on a trip with my parents.

I also don’t remember when the last time we went to the onsen as a family was.
(It could very well be the first since I’ve joined Johnny’s.)

There’s not even one thing interesting that’s worth writing here.

But even without anything interesting, it was comfortable to be with family.

Time went by with us just being comfortable and relaxed, yet that’s special for me.

15 March 2017
Sho Sakurai

Really a sucker for how he use words and expressions ❤
Thank you for sharing such trivial yet important moments.

Otonoha Vol. 160

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