D☆DATE / Seto Koji

Song title: JOKER
Singer: D☆DATE
Year of release: 2013

D☆DATE is a group that you don’t hear of that often anymore. Their success has peaked a few years ago, probably at 2011. They’re from Watanabe Entertainment and belong to a bigger group called D-Boys. It’s not a surprise that you don’t know most of them, since they are not considered the A-line idol group like Johnny’s or Exile. That being said, all of them are actually active in the acting scene.

So of course there’s a reason why I would talk about this group – the reason’s none other than Seto Koji. I still remember back in 2008, I really don’t like him because he quite spoiled Sky of Love (first adapted into a movie starring Miura Haruma, then a TV series starring Seto Koji) for me. I also didn’t like that he acts quite flamboyantly on other occasions.

What changed my impression?
It’s the drama series 私 結婚できないんじゃなくて, しないんです (Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute, Shinain Desu; It’s Not That I Can’t Marry, I Don’t Marry – aired in Spring 2016).

He acts as this freeter delivery boy who got into a relationship with the female lead who is 13 years older than he is. I’m not going to dive into the story – but his portrayal certainly embodied the ‘younger boyfriend’ type: caring, sensitive, inexperienced yet certain in some of his thoughts and ways. ❤

I don’t think anyone can resist the fairy…
(His nickname in the drama.)

P.S.: I was telling a friend how my impression of him changed after watching the drama, and she mentioned that he’s one of the first かわいいイケメン (cute and handsome). I refuted almost immediately! Because the first of that type is probably Koike Teppei! Haha

D☆DATE / Seto Koji

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