It’s Confession Time…


Atrocious… it has been 17 days since my last post! 😦

I’m so annoyed with myself that I can’t keep up with what I’ve set up to do with this space. I’ve got such a severe backlog now! As much as I tell my colleagues not to over promise, under deliver – now I’ve fallen into that category. I know it’s not like I have promised anyone anything, but it’s a pact to myself which I wish to honour. Be assured – I’ll definitely do up what I’ve planned for March, then review the content and frequence so I can do better for the rest of the year!

One of the key reasons why I’ve lagged so much in my personal activities is because of work. It’s really like the giant of my life right now. And for people who have started working, you know more often than not, thoughts about work etc. eats into your private time as well. That effectively means that my cognitive space and time is perpetually taken up!

There are so many things that are half-done and stuck in my head which I know is perfect for this place. I really just need that few more hours each week to do some planning, adjustment and be committed.

I want to do something for myself and this is the year.

Go me go!!!

To be continued…



It’s Confession Time…

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