Manga Kara Manabou! – Isshukan Friends

Title: 一週間フレンズ (Isshukan Friends – One Week Friends)
Written by: Hazuki Matcha
No. of manga volumes: 7
Manga run: 2012 – 2015
Adaptation: Anime, Movie


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Manga Kara Manabou! – Isshukan Friends

Kuzu no Honkai: Special Cross-talk


(Translated from an interview uploaded on Manga UP!)
Sakurada Dori x Shimazaki Nobunaga

The concurrent broadcast of both the anime and real-life adaptation of the manga series Kuzu no Honkai, demonstrates a unique development (By Yokoyari Mengo on Monthly Big Gangan). To commemorate this broadcast, check out the talk between the actor and voice actor of Mugi (Mugi is the name of the lead male character in the series) regarding Kuzu no Honkai on Manga UP! Continue reading “Kuzu no Honkai: Special Cross-talk”

Kuzu no Honkai: Special Cross-talk